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Development finance

The term ‘development finance,’ which is also a short-term loan covers two broad options

  • Funds to set up and develop a new property (commercial or residential).
  • Funds to renovate an existing or old property.

In the first case, the finance is obtained to expedite the entire process of developing and establishing a new property or commercial structure. The fund will cover the whole cost of setting up the property; starting from the purchasing of the land, down to the completion of the property. In most cases, investors can get up to 100% of this cost.

In the second case, investors or clients who need financial support to refurbish, re-structure or renovate an existing property can also get financed.

As a development finance lender, we can provide you with the funds you require to facilitate whichever development project you intend to carry out. And if the renovated property is intended as an investment, you can attract a longer loan term.

We are committed to making available the development funds whenever you need them. However, we want to see that you have a structure that is feasible concerning the efficient utilization of the finance you will receive.

Usually, property development finances are released in batches, according to how your expenditure plans are structured. As professionals, we can also assist you to prepare how the funds should be released and utilized – helping you plan your finances to suit your overall budget.

How Development Finance Works

First, you apply for development finance and then you provide us with every document necessary to validate the cost of the project. These documents will include the architectural plan and the project costing – including the cost of rental equipment, and other relevant paperwork.

Then, we will guide you on how this fund will be released. If the finance is meant to develop a new property, the cash is usually issued depending on the project planning and phases. The phases could be

  • Land acquisition
  • Land preparation and footings and foundation for the property
  • Cost of building the external structure
  • Cost of completion and finishing

This cash disbursement can take place after the work is done (as arrears), or before the commencement of the work (as an advance). We may also work with a private surveyor to evaluate every stage of the project before we release the development funds.

Be it a new property, whether a luxurious commercial complex or a residential property, Commercial Bridging offers you a collection of development funding options covering several Property Development Projects.

Whatever property development you intend to finance, with our expertise, we will assist you to get the best deal with mild terms and at a convenient rate. We are committed to helping you meet, and even exceed your development goals by offering you an immense collection of financing options to facilitate your project development.

Development Finance Types

At Commercial Bridging, there are different types of funding we give based on the different property to be developed. We are open on all working days in a week to help you get the property development finance you require. Here are the types of development finance we offer

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Financial Structure

This type of finance is for individuals who intend to set up a residential structure or estate on an open field or piece of land. If the plan is to build a new residential property, then this is the right finance option.

Here, more emphasis is placed on the value of the property that is to be used to secure the loan. So, this type of finance is based on the block and mortar value of the property. The above description is also applicable to a semi-commercial development.

In this type of development finance, your credit history is not a yardstick to getting the cash support, but the overall value of the property is.

Despite these development finance variations, similar criteria are required before any borrower can get this financial support.

  • The project has to be one with some prospects of profitability
  • Whatever development finance you are getting should be a support to a viable existing cash flow
  • Funds for the property development should be enough to cover the entire project, including any unexpected cost.
  • Prove, with detailed planning permission that you can complete the development of the project.

Most conventional lenders see development finance (especially residential development) as an investment too risky to dabble into. Since it is difficult to acquire loans from a traditional lender (like banks), getting financial support based on the value of the property as surety is the solution.



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