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Commercial Mortgages

When a loan is secured by a mortgage on a property that generates income (like an office, industrial complex, business store or a shopping complex), it is a commercial mortgage loan. Simply put, you are borrowing against the value of commercial property.

So if the aim is to access quick financial support using a commercial property in your possession or one you intend purchasing, then a commercial loan is the best solution. Even if the property is a semi-commercial one, same principles apply.

Commercial mortgages are usually long-term loans, lasting for over ten years. Thus, they take a longer time to obtain and clear out than a typical residential loan. The funds can be used for any purpose, provided it is legal, like; for business expansion, business facility development, or business site relocation.

You can quickly get a commercial mortgage. The standard process is

  • You apply
  • We value your commercial property
  • We approve your application
  • You receive a mortgage offer

It is important to note that commercial mortgages only consider the worth of the physical structure of the commercial property, and not its cash flow or profitability. Remember that we offer you solutions to any form of financing problems you may be facing, and we do so at your convenience too.

Commercial Bridging pays attention to your needs and links you up with a trusted lender that can meet your requirements. It is our responsibility that you get the best deal possible at the most competitive and affordable rate in the UK, on the value of your property.

For detailed advice and clarification on how you can obtain commercial finance, contact us today! We are willing to lead you by the hand till we set you up with the best deal in the UK.



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