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Every business requires adequate funding either as capital for start-up or as cash support to sustain vibrant cash flow. Thus, a business loan offers a source of support to businesses, whether new or existing. According to the loan terms, taking out a business loan leave you with an obligation to repay the loan. So, before obtaining a business loan, it is vital that you understand what a business loan is and how a business loan works.

By definition, a business loan is cash borrowed to cover business expenses that the business owner cannot afford. If this cash advance is not used as capital to establish a new business, then it is used to settle expenses like employee salaries, paying for huge supplies or equipment purchase.

Responsible lenders want to be certain that you are using the finance to fund the actual purpose it was intended before they give you this loan.

Commercial Bridging also offers business loan services to UK residents. It only takes a few clicks to find out your eligibility and how much cash you can get for your business.

Business Loan types

There are several types of business loans available in the loan market, which is why you should know about the different kinds of business loans before launching a search for a business financing option. Here is an overview of the various business loan types

  • Short and long-term loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Invoice loans
  • Merchant loan
  • property equity lines of credit

‘Short’ and ‘Long’ describes the duration of this type of business loans. This loan is a cash advance which you must repay, with interest, over a period.

Offers you up to 100% cash advance to purchase necessary equipment for your business, with the equipment acting as collateral to secure the loan.

This loan offers you quick cash to settle outstanding proofs of purchase. You could get up to 80% of your outstanding statement of payments and charged a little fee in return.

This is an excellent option for business owners with poor credits. This loan type provides you fast cash which you can easily repay with part of your daily returns. It is, however, quite expensive in the long run.

This offers businesses an opportunity to get quick cash if one or more of the company owners are own a property.



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